D Family - Oklahoma City Family Photographer

This family. They took my breath away. Not only are they candidly beautiful inside and out, but you could easily see the love and genuine joy they have for each other. 


They found a gorgeous little spot not far from their home to hold the session and we were blessed with some buttery, golden light to top it off.


This mama was an incredibly good sport, braving the cold water for some gorgeous shots.


This little chickadee is an outdoor girl through and through. She reminded me of my own two, constantly curious and loving every bit of nature she could put her hands on. Getting into the water was of course the highlight of her evening, until she found Mr. (or Ms.) Grasshopper. She so carefully picked him up, treasuring him in her palms. They danced until it was time to go and released him back to his home. 


I didn't want it to end, but daylight hours forced my hand. Luckily, I get to meet and photograph their new little addition in just a few weeks!